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The Armo Inflatable Dock Shelter model ARIS is growing in popularity as more comprehensive control of vehicles and equipment becomes available.

The frame size is similar to that of a retractable dock shelter but the narrow side curtains conceal deflated polyurethane inflatable cushions; the head is similar.

The use of inflatable seals works very simply; the vehicle arrives at the dock usually with an external traffic light showing green, when the warehouse operative is alerted to the presence of the vehicle.

Once the fan is energised the cushions fill with high volume, low pressure air and maintain steady contact on the sides and roof of the vehicle providing a good tight seal, reducing the ingress of the elements and keeping in expensively generated warm or cooled air.

Although inflatable seals are made to standard dimensions Armo also provides a service to make special sizes to fit to existing buildings and special applications.

Armo has many years experience in the use of integrated systems for loading bays, the ARIS is commonly initiated by the door control buttons and linked to the operation of external LED traffic lights, to provide safe and efficient control of the loading bay.

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Armo supply retractable, inflatable Dock Shelters for your loading bay needs alongside a range of Dock Seals, Pads and Cushion Seals.