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The Armo Load House; a loading house supplied to suit a variety of Loading Bay applications.

The Armo Load House; a loading house supplied to suit a variety of Loading Bay applications.

Armo (UK)

Armo Load House model ARLH Armo Load House model ARLHArmo Load House model ARLH

The Armo Load House model ARLH is simply manufactured off site and delivered for fast and efficient installation. The load house reduces downtime and brings your loading bay operation back to peak efficiency within the shortest possible time.

Maintaining the desired temperature in a temperature controlled environment at the Loading Bay is critical to product and personnel. However, the Armo Load House model ARLH is not limited to temperature controlled buildings; it can create extra space inside your building for marshalling loads for example.

The Armo Load House model ARLH is a fully constructed loading bay added on to the building façade, suitable for existing buildings or as new build and it doesn’t need to be installed square on; if your loading area is restricted the ARLH can be installed at an angle to give drivers maximum space.

Typical Situations for requirements:

  • Lack of internal warehouse space is an issue
  • Cost saving due to no dock leveller pit needed

The load house is supplied in two fundamental sections, firstly the lower support frame with side walkways mounted on robust adjustable support legs and incorporating the chosen model and size of dock leveller. Secondly, the upper section with a steel framework and clad with either single skin or insulated panels in a colour of your choice.

Finally, mounted at the front of the construction is your choice and size of dock shelter.

The Model ARLH is provided as a complete installed package with all rain water goods and flashings to seal to the building.

One of the more recent changes in road haulage has been the advent of the use of double deck trailers. These trailers use much more of the volume of the trailer but are in consequence much taller, this can cause significant problems to distribution centres where traditional facilities cannot cope with a trailer close to 5 metres high.

Armo have a loading house specifically designed to deal with Double Deck trailers.

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Armo (UK) Load Houses are suitable as a loading pod bolted on to an existing building and for temperature sensitive applications.